31 day Mind Detox for 2016 & the Secret

3 words will make a huge difference Gratitude, Optimism and Happiness. Now please note you do have to take ACTION as well! Success is not going to just fall on your head simply because you positively believe it will!

Take the 31 Day Detox for your Mind in January.

Lets start with gratitude. All we ask you to do, at the end of each day, is to write down 3 things you are grateful for.

It’s very simple and effective. Try it, even better share this with your partner.

One thing we have noticed over the years is that this SIMPLE little change creates a ripple affect in our lives and those around us.

* The more you train your brain to see the good things on a daily basis the more optimistic you become.
* The more optimistic you are, the more opportunities you will see that were always there.
* The more opportunities you see…the more this leads you to be happier.

It’s a virtuous circle and will become self perpetuating. Now this won’t stop ‘life happening’, being buffeted by life and being thrown challenges. That is normal! It’s your attitude on how you deal with them that makes the difference!

We also wanted to share with you The Secret movie… Let the law of attraction work in your favour in 2016!

It will be great to see you in 2016. Remember to take the 31 Day Gratitude challenge, let the optimism flow and a happier YOU will attract the right opportunities to YOU!