7 Days to Berkshire Property Meet March 2015

Yes, time does fly and you are now just ONE week away from the biggest Property Networking Event in the UK since 2007.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best experience with the latest and most up to date information from people out there Doing The Do! That’s our part of the agreement Mini…

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What will Paul Ribbons share?

Paul Ribbons Money Property Cheap









What Paul will share will blow you away as his previous predictions have been 98% on the mark!

Do you want to strengthen what you’ve already built in you property business?
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Are you keen to understand what the market indicators are telling us?
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“Property & Money has NEVER been so CH£AP”
Property Market (2015) Address
Is this the right time to be involved in property investment?
Will there be another property crash?
What will happen over the next 1-2-3 years?
Is my portfolio safe? How can I future proof it?
Is this the right time to buy property?
Should I wait?













Book NOW for 16th March.

This is the best place for you to meet with, associate with, learn from and get inspired, ALL in one evening. Most smart investors act straight away so be smart Mini and BOOK NOW!

Well done to everyone already booked. A week to go and we already know it will be a busy night! If you haven’t booked, PLEASE do it today to avoid disappointment!

Have a great Sunday and a fabulous 7 days until we see you.