7 Ways to Get More Done



Fridays and Mondays have been proven to be 2 of the most unproductive days in the week
So here are 7 ways you can get more done each day. Each suggestion is easy, direct, and costs no money. In the overwhelming e-world that we live in it is very easy to over complicate things. These are simple, and work best that way:

1. Work Harder

Work harder than you are working today. You can concentrate with greater intensity on your work. You can focus single-mindedly and discipline yourself to work without interruption, distraction or multi-tasking. Work harder than anyone else, which is a secret to great success. 

2. Work Faster

You can work faster than you do today. You can develop a faster tempo, pace and energy. You can move more quickly from place to place and from job to job, cutting down time drains. When you combine working harder and working faster, you can get more done in a single day than most people get done in a week. 

3. Group your Tasks

You can group your tasks together. Do a series of similar jobs together, taking advantage of the batched learning curve. You don't waste time re-acclimatising to different types of tasks and you spend more time in the zone.

4. Do More Important Things

Most of what we do on a daily basis isn't that important. Prioritise your tasks in order of importance and focus single-mindedly on that task, not moving to the next until it is completely finished. You end up doing less, achieving much more and reducing the stress of unimportant things that consume so much time.

5. Do Things You're Better At & You Enjoy

Do things that you're good at. The better you are in a key skill area, the more you can get done, and at a higher level of quality, in less time. Because you are better at these tasks, they will be easier for you, so you will get them done with less effort, and you will have more energy as a result. You'll be in your flow and you'll enjoy work and life more. Outsource the rest 😉

6. Make Fewer Mistakes

To get more done, you can make fewer mistakes. You can take the time to do it right the first time. You've heard it said, “there is never enough time to do it right, but there is always enough time to do it over.” If you've ever written an essay-esque document on word and your computer crashed just before you pressed save, you will know what we mean!. 

7. Keep it Simple

You can simplify the work by reducing the number of steps necessary to complete the task. Take the quickest route to the completion of the task, involve as few people as possible, and focus on being great at the basics. This makes the job simpler and easier to get done, less stressful and often better quality as a result

Immediate Action Exercise

Focus on doing a quality job the first time you do the task so that you do not need to waste time to go back and fix that task.