ABCs of Property Success 2016

Many thanks for the great positive feedback on our ’31 Day Detox for the Mind’ – Gratitude , Optimism and Happiness.

Over the next 12 months and throughout your property journey you will come across the ABCs . There is no way to avoid it. It is just a fact of life. What you do, however, IS more important than what they are.

The ABCs?

Beliefs – Fixed or Growth

The first one is adversity.
Now this is something we all face. Sometimes in small things and sometimes HUGE! Way back in 2007 just as we started our property journey and the Berkshire Property Meet was in it’s infancy, we were hit with a HUGE one – The Credit Crunch!. Where there was lots of money, suddenly there was none. It was make or break. Do we go on with property or do we call it quits? In the face of adversity you can prosper or wither and die! This taught us to diversify – multiple income streams.

The next “big thing” to come our way are the 2015 changes to the taxation system. Now these were unforeseen and very unexpected.

What are they? If you don’t know about Clause 24 or the Stamp Duty changes. YOU NEED TO…AND NOW!

We have spoken to our accountant and will be projecting the impact of Clause 24 on our business in the run up to 2020. Each case and investors status is different. We can’t urge you enough to sit down and do the figures. Arrange a meeting with your accountant asap.

The excellent Kate Faulkner also provides some valuable info online

Are these changes fair? Some think they don’t go far enough and all landlords should be taxed out of existence. There’s been noise about it online and in certain sectors of the press. but on the whole the general public have little or no interest in the plight of the landlord.

Next is Belief
Here we want to focus on fixed or growth belief.

Some believed that the credit crunch was the end of property investing and quit (fixed belief).
They only knew one way to invest (fixed) and if that stopped working then that was it.
No one can succeed (fixed).

We saw unprecedented numbers at the Berkshire Property Meet post 2007/8. Numbers doubled overnight. The band of merry men and women who had a ‘growth belief’, came in their thousands to find a solution. And many prospered while the masses ran scared waiting to see where the herd would go next. We carried on with property and building income streams.

It’s during this looming tax crisis that one person has stepped up and taken a stance. That man is Chris Cooper. He is an investor and also employed. When he ran the numbers he saw nothing but a downside. He knew it made no sense. He took the next step and stepped up to be counted. Chris came up with the notion to challenge the government legally. He was the one that got this campaign started and off the ground. And with so much buzz on-line, the £50k goal to fight this has already been met !

Keep updated on the campaign via email ==> Crowd Justice.

Having spoken to Chris about the campaign, it is easy to see that this man has the right belief and no matter how big the challenge, he believes there is a way to fix this.

Finally consequences.
It is all about simple choices – right ones, wrong ones and none (the worst choice of all).

Way back in 2007, we sat down and had a chat. We looked at what was happening and the panic that was spreading among investors….and we made choices.

* We chose NOT to get involved in the negative fixed belief of some and to stay well clear of some interesting schemes (to say the least) on buying property that proliferated at that time.

* We threw ourselves into growing the Berkshire Property Meet as a business and had to learn many lessons along the way. Some very painful yet many great things have come from this event for so many people. Association with the right people and continuous education helped us make the right decisions.

* We chose not to be held hostage to the whims of the banks or authorities again, who changed the rules of the game to suit their agenda. We wanted to and went on to create another rock solid income stream alongside our property investing.

Your choices NOW will determine where you will be in months and years to come. Choose wisely and walk your path with conviction
– Anon.

Whatever you choose to do in 2016 and beyond , we wish you all the best. Remember to follow the ABC’s and you will definitely make a difference to your journey!