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So, where did it all go wrong…err, I mean where did it all START!! With a mutual interest in property and wealth creation, when Sylvia and Juswant first met a while ago (which is another story Sylvia loves to tell!) they knew this was a partnership that would work!

Neither of them wanted just a single source of income, both wanted ways to supplement their pensions and retire early!

After googling Property Investing in the UK they kept coming across a certain persons name – Parmdeep Vadesha and an event called PNC! Who is Parmdeep and what is PNC?

At the time, Juswant – still working full time at the Birmingham College of Food – just happened to be around the corner from the Birmingham PNC event. He decided to take the plunge and go along to get an insight into the world of ‘Professional Property Investing’.

After 15 minutes at the event, way out of his comfort zone, Juswant left and swiftly called Sylvia to say he would never go back as what they were doing was clearly illegal! How can anyone buy a house without putting their own money in and also get paid for it? Really, come on now!

After more searching on the ‘net, Juswant DID go back and he ended up attending the next 12 PNC events in a row! They couldn’t keep him away! Funny really, because it was the Birmingham PNC where Juswant met some key people and he had no idea just how big a part they would play in his future.

Juswant met people like Glen Armstrong, Barry Danser, Nick Pedrithes, Hanif Khan, Manan Aslam, & Angela Bryant all of whom were active or getting started in Property.

Juswant and Sylvia got the networking bug and started to network with people across the UK – Milton Keynes (John Rattigan), London PNC (Vanish Patel), Watford PNC (Daniel Wagner), Southampton, Swindon (Richard Price-Walker).

They met lots of great people and covered many miles of UK soil to grow their knowledge. And it was GREAT, all of it. Worth every minute, every meal on the road, every contact they talked to. They met so many different people, made new contacts and learnt so much!

Then something happened in March 2007 … It was after a Breakthrough to Success, Wealth & Power – Chris Howard Event when they decided to take the plunge and have a ‘Property Meet’ closer to home in Maidenhead. Using Vanish’s advise over the prior 18 months, they had emailed every person they met in Property and now was the time to contact them again to invite them down. Juswant and Sylvia were (and still are) very active on the Property Tycoons Forum and posted details of this property meet taking place in Maidenhead.

Also, a chance encounter with Nick Pedrithes & Glenn Armstrong at one of the Property Investor Shows and they both offered to tell a few of their friends about Juswant and Sylvia’s little plan for a small property meet in Maidenhead!

So, after many emails, calls, forum posts and texts, on April 2nd 2007, Juswant and Sylvia headed down to the Stafferton Lodge and set-up in the bar area. Labels, pens and two orange juices and they agreed that if by 7:55pm no one had arrived at least they could have a meal in the restaurant. And so the evening began, watching every person walk in and walk straight past.

Then at 7:05‘ish two guys walked in…’Are you Juswant & Sylvia?’ ”Yes we are! Are you here for the property meet? Great…” And those 2 turned into 5 people, then 10, 20, 40 & finally by 8pm there were almost 50 people. WOW! The room was buzzing, the bar was packed (maybe we should have warned the bar staff!) and the main question that evening from EVERYONE was “When’s the next one?”

For 6 months we stayed at the bar and eventually, by sheer force of numbers exceeding 80 / 90 people every month we were forced to move to a larger venue. Not only that! In response to so many requests, they also decided to bring in guest speakers to educate everyone about the dos and don’ts of property investing! That was September 2007…..

And thus was born The Berkshire Property Meet – The UKs Leading Property Event! Every 3rd Monday of the Month, with regular Guest speakers, consistently attended by experts, novices and every level in-between travelling from ALL OVER the UK – you just couldn’t ignore it! Within 6 months this became THE UK’s LEADING Property Event with over 200 people in attendance and selling out within days of places going on sale. Little did this Dynamic Duo know what a phenomenon they had created!

This Truly Amazing ‘Berkshire Experience’ (as it is now known) provides you with an environment to meet and talk with like-minded people, find new Joint Venture Partners and build your portfolio using the strategy that is right for you. Every Single Month!

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