Admiralty Arch is yours for £75m


Admiralty Arch is up for sale for £75m. The Government has appointed Savills to oversee the sale of the London building, which was a home for Sea Lords and Royal Navy heads.

If you have ever visited Trafalgar Square in London, England it would be impossible for you not to have noticed the archway that leads through  to The Mall. Now I may be really confusing things for the hapless tourist or unknowledgeable locals.


The archway, which is called Admiralty Arch, provides a road and pedestrian route between The Mall, which is the road, that runs from Buckingham Palace to just beside Trafalgar Square. Now you know what I’m talking about!

I have obviously seen the structure numerous times and one day it dawned on me what the heck was Admiralty Arch used for and what was the original purpose of it. I guess it was just one of many interesting looking buildings that I pass all the time in London without really knowing anything about it.

Lets start at the beginning, Admiralty Arch was the brain wave of King Edward VII, who had it built in honour of his mother Queen Victoria. It was completed in 1912, but unfortunately the King never lived to see its completion. I wonder if the King spent his own money or the good old tax payers?

Admiralty Arch gets its name from the Old Admiralty building, which it is linked to via a bridge. Do we really need to know, care or have even heard of the person that designed it, well he was Sir Aston Web.