Certainty in Uncertain Times for a Wealthy Future


While global financials freefall and everyone else panics, you have a huge asset which can produce growth rates that will leave most stock traders green with envy, if you manage it right.

That asset is your mindset. Your IP [Intellectual Property] and how you master your emotions are your strategic advantage and part of the key that will secure you during this economic turmoil. Unlike shares and investing, there's no downside risk. Everything positive that you feed your mind with you can NEVER Lose – and the upside normally ranges from a 100% to 10,000% return on your investment, regardless of the economy. Get that in a bank?!

So the first priority is to protect any assets you have. In this economy it doesn't mean insuring them or paying them down, it means something entirely, controversially different.

More on that in a moment…

Strength in a tough economy depends on having a Rhino thick skin, staying focused and completely ignoring the mass media. We urge you to make this a priority in these uncertain times. Here are 6 highly effective ways to do it:

  1. Don't get sucked into the negativity. It isn't the reality, it is only a perception and something to sell papers and brainwash society. You can disprove any mass theory in 10 seconds flat – it's not real and it only serves to cannibalise your wealth.
  2. Invest more. Now. Your friends and 'social advisers' will think you're nuts. Pull money out of every asset you have, even if that asset has reduced, use other people's money and pile it into undervalued asset classes such as property and stocks, and be greedy while others are fearful [You know the quote, right?]
  3. Build Your Brand. Now is the time to shout when everyone else is hiding. Leverage the lack of competition and get known. Turn your education in yourself into cash. Stand up and be counted. Lead. Educate, inspire and give others belief while no one else has the brass.
  4. Invest in your education. You need resilience and toughness in these times, but you also need strategies too. Most people stop spending and therefore actually go backwards. When you invest and learn, you have double the edge on your competition. The best companies actually increase their marketing in a downturn while everyone else cuts spend. You are a heavyweight.
  5. Market & Advertise. Newspaper rate cards are dirt cheap. Less leaflets are getting sent out and publications will drop their pants for you. [pants= rates :-)] Increase your advertising spend and take a greater lion's share of the customers you'd never normally see.
  6. Raise non standard, non bank finance. Banging your head against the brick bank wall, begging for money will get you nowhere in this economy. Find private investors, JV partners and more liquid commercial facilities. Get fast money with no application process and no arrangement fees. 

Most of these things people stop in a recession, and pray for survival until 'things get better'.

Don't pray this one out. Get out there and grab your best chance for 15 years.