Could YOU be more fun or have more fun

1. Celebrate more:
Shout, scream, cheer, go out for a social on Friday
because you had a great week, buy presents for
you and others often, random acts of kindness…

P.S: When you do this, you actually teach yourself
subconsciously to succeed

2. Don't judge others
Be open minded and don't let your judgements cloud
your relationships with others. Cut out the noise in
your head and just be in the moment

If you are dancing [or trying to, like Rob, lanky legs
everywhere], are you always thinking – what do others
think of my dancing? Does it affect your dancing [I bet
it does] – imagine living your whole life, 'dancing'
[subtle analogy for 'everything you do'] & not even
thinking about what others think of your 'dancing!'

3. Be in the moment
Living in the past is living in a sense of regret, living
in the future often leaves you unsatisfied and never
enough. Put your iPhone away, forget the thoughts of
the past and future for a few minutes and really
appreciate the moment right now – it's the only place
to enjoy true happiness.

4. Don't care too much about the consequences
Make decisions. Informed but fast. Then live with them.
Accept them. Stop worrying all the time about their
consequences. What's the worst that can happen –
You get what you think about the most, so imagine
all the amazing things that will happen [right now]

5. Dream more
When Gem and I take Ralph & Bobby for a walk,
I love to ask her what our life will look like in 5 years
time. What she wants, the house she wants to build,
the family she wants, and the swimming pools of
money she wants to bathe in naked [OK, I added that one] –
you should see how alive she comes…

P.S: I've been doing that with her for 4 years
[not bathing naked in money, though there's a thought]
and almost everything she has wanted, she now has

6. Don't sweat the small stuff
It's not important, and you deprive yourself the chance
to enjoy the multitude of amazing things in life

7. Try new things
Jump out of a plane [with a parachute], buy different
styles of clothes to your normal style [perhaps we should
heed this advice!], try new foods, have sex somewhere
other than in your bed on your back…

Ok, you get the picture 😉 Joy and fun are in the trying
new things that give life variety and unpredictability

8. Be Spontaneous
Break your routine. Don't say no all the time. Take a risk.
Go wild. Be random. Break patterns. People will either
think you're on drugs [so let them], you're having a mid
life crisis [and?] or that you are finally getting a sense of fun!

9. Increase your Energy
Live life to the full. Put 100% into everything. Be bold and
larger than life. You put energy in, you get energy back.
And it's addictive

Get to the gym. Eat power foods. Take regular short breaks.
Early to bed, early to rise. Don't have a baby.

10. Smile & laugh more
Louder. Wider.