Drink Tea with Ghandi

In order to earn more you need to be learn more…

One of the greatest things I have done since I saw the light so to speak. Is to become and avid reader. I have ready many many books in the last 10 years. If I consider I have may have read a book a month that’s at least 120 books in the last decade.

I have always wondered about people from history and people who I see as my peers being successful today. How great it would be to be mentored by Richard Branson, Alan Sugar , Oprah, Steve Jobs, Robin Sharma , Tony Robins to name a few.

What I found was I has easy access to these people and more every day of my life. All I had to do was go to the book store or Amazon and grab ther book. Sit down with green tea and I can choose who to be mentored by during that time. All I had to do was grab a book and immerse myself into their learnings.

Lots of personal development books have been devoured Robert Kiyosaki and Jim Rohn are favorites. And I have discovered the wonders of autobiographies. You can learn so much from a person battle threw adversity to triumph.

What I learn from them all is that it’s an ongoing life long process. You are never done. There is such thing a becoming perfect. It’s just an ongoing process of improvement.