Embrace Uncertainty

Many years ago it seemed to me certainty was having a nine to five job that paid me a salary every month. Getting on the training at Leamington Spa and getting off in Birmingham I used to walk to the station every morning. Pretty much knowing how the day would go. And all I had to do was not do anything daft. And I would get my fix (salary) at the end of the month.

I pretty much knew what to expect for 11 1/2 years. Apart from the odd spanner thrown in the works. Usually created by myself.

When Sylvia and I started our journey in investing in property and shortly afterwards added network marketing. I created so much uncertainty in a short period of time. I went from a ground hog life to huge changes. Getting married , leaving my job of 11+ years , starting IT contracting and leaving my home town for what seemed like for good.

I have to say there were points where I thought I was going to have a melt down. I went from safe and secure to huge amounts of uncertainty.

Thankfully I had started to read lots of books and went all out in personal development. Every I heard and read told to embrace the uncertainty. And the greater the uncertainty. The greater the break through that is just about to happen.

So it was moment when I was ‘feeling the fear’ that I had to re-frame into. This is good I am just about to move on. Wanting to rush back to the known and familiar is normal. Understanding that and accepting that allowed me to move through.

I have to say I had lots of help from my friends in property and network marketing. Who despite myself doubt believed in me and pushed me through kicking and screaming.