Enjoy the the Fresh Air

Sylvia and I love to go walking whenever we can. We drive along to Cookham. Park up and follow-up the Thames until we head up Winter Hill and stop at the Jolly Farmer for a hearty lunch.

Along the walk we admire the houses on the far bank and look out for new developments. We are property investors after all. And we always see something new. Or see something for the first time that was always there. We laugh at how many houses sprouted solar panels at the same time.

We watch the people walking along the river bank. And the occasional dog full of life. Leaping into the river without acre in the world. The clamber out and run along the bank and do the same thing. Over and over. They always seem to have a companion dog with them who is a little more cautious and stop test the water and slowly walk in.

As we walk and climb the hill. We stop and just admire the view. We also stop and just feel the fresh air around us. We close our eyes and just be. Taking the time to be thankful for the journey we are on how far we have come and how far we have to go.

We love the great things our businesses have given us. The Berkshire Property Meet is a blessing we will always cherish. When we started out. I remember writing my goals list. It was full of material things BIG house, BIG Cars (BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari & Rolls Royce), Flying first class to Australia.

But as we have traveled the world. The thing that has given us most pleasure are the sunrises and sunsets all over the world. Watching the sun either appear our disappear and marvel at it’s power. We have seen this on Mount Sinai, Off the coast of Dahab, Bale, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Tanzania, Cape Town and many more places.

All we have had with us is fresh air and silence. I have always felt the most content at that point ….

Juswant Rai Gili Meno Sunrise