Estate / Letting Agent Top Due Diligence Tips

With more and more agents popping up offering Lettings services, I thought it would be wise to follow these due diligence guidelines before parting with your cash:
1) If the agent says they are a member of a redress scheme (they have to be by law) make sure you check this with the relevant scheme, don’t just take their word for it.
2) The same goes for them saying or advertising they have Client Money Protection
3) Check the landlords name against land registry this will tell you the real owner and any charges relating to the property (mortgage or secured loans)
4) Use agent review sites such as All Agents, check google reviews, check agents Facebook reviews (if they are crap the reviews will tell you all you need to know
5) Check companies house and look at filed accounts ideally this will tell you a great deal about the agency and also who the directors are, if they use other names etc and related companies
6) Only works with agents that have proper email addresses not Hotmail or Gmail ones.
7) Go with you gut feeling it’s not normally wrong
8) Don’t believe the BS agents are trained to make you think there is more interest than there really is!
9) Visit the agents personally, they may be operating from a home address and not be as bonafide as you would think.
10) If in doubt ask for recommendations about the agent.