DR Rohan Weerasinghe 2016

"Your Property Business – Your Property Future"

Date: 18th July 2016

Place: Holiday Inn Maidenhead, Manor Lane, SL6 7HJ

Door opens: 18:45

After one and half decades of investing in property and teaching thousands of others to do the same Dr Rohan Weerasinghe (Dr Ro) has observed certain patterns that lead to success and others that lead to failure. Globally he believes there are some big economic changes ahead and has never been afraid to voice that at the BPM. In his usual inspiring way Dr Ro will be sharing with us his thoughts on what is ahead and more importantly what we can do over the next few years to prepare and and how we can operate our property businesses to maximise profits and create more time freedom.

• An economic outlook of what maybe ahead
• Economic indicators that can lead us to success
• The Future lies in the hands of entrepreneurs
• The Five Operational Pillars that support your Property Business
• A business structure to release your time
• Let your vision steer your business

We are extremely blessed that Dr Ro has chosen to speak only at the BPM this year and no other property networking event. He has rearranged his vacation to come and share his insights on what we know will be an event to remember…

We are always excited to have Dr Rohan Weerasinghe back speaking the BPM as he always brings a challenging and vibrant message to new and experienced property investors and in his presentation on the 17th November promises to live up to that expectation.

In the past 12 to 18 months the UK property market has experienced significant growth in many areas and there has been an upsurge in new investors coming into the market coupled with existing investors expanding their portfolios. However, coupled with that are questions about whether this is all about to change and what will it mean to the public and investors alike?

The underlying and powerful them he wants to convey to all is – be prepared and be ready to up your game.

Rohan has a foundational believe that the more strategies and tools you have at your disposal the easier it is to adapt with the market. And so he has also agreed to share with us:

• what he believes to be the essential strategies and opportunities that lie ahead for investors in the UK.
• Why having spoken in over 13 countries he is seeing rapidly increasing numbers of investors from overseas buying in the UK right now !
• Systems you need to have in place to take advantage
• Actions that you must be taking
• Why you must up your game

Do not miss this intensive, information packed and engaging session with Dr Ro and be sure to bring your note pads!