Francis Dolley – Rent 2 Rent

"Create a £12K per month Cashflow Business in 12 months"

Date: 16th May 2016

Place: Holiday Inn Maidenhead

Door opens: 18:45


7 Reason YOU need to be there!

  • Learn How to Set up a Rent 2 Rent Business from Scratch
  • Learn the Number One Secret For Getting Agents on Board
  • How to Avoid The 7 Big Mistakes That Everyone IS Making
  • Discover the Next Step …. RENT 2 RENT ON STEROIDS!
  • Why the MLCS Community #1 for results in the UK
  • How to Achieve Between £3,000 and £12,000 NET Monthly Cashflow from ONE Deal
  • Learn How to Leverage Yourself 99% Out Of the Business


Francis is a really entertaining speaker who started his property adventure 1995, and over the years he built up a decent property portfolio.

Four years ago Francis teamed up with business partner and daughter Emily, and switched their focus to Rent 2 Rent.

Within 6 crazy months they created a £5,000 NET monthly cashflow which enabled Emily to become financially free aged 26

On the night, Francis will give an overview of how they now set up properties for just £1,000, that make £1,000 NET per calendar month each!

Over the last 12 months they have completely systemised themselves OUT of the business and Francis is going to tel you how they did it!

He says – “My favourite job at the moment is checking the bank account on the 2nd of every month”!

He will also tell you how Emily and he;

+ S-l-o-w-l-y failed their way to great success and how YOU can leverage their experience
+ Employed a property manager for free, and now an acquisition manager to.
+ How they built better systems and a brilliant team that has allowed them to step out of the business.

Francis and Emily have now honed their powerful S.Y.S.T.E.M. to perfection, and their students consistently achieve some truly remarkable results!

They will also be launching the next in their somewhat brilliant and totally essential MLCS mini-manual series that will make/save you 100 times the price tag

In short, The Berkshire is a brilliant place to meet, networking and discover JV partners, business partners and who knows

….. maybe even a life partners who is on the same entrepreneurial journey as you?

Francis would like to all BPM readers a small FREE gift, the very popular www.52MultiLetTips.

So make sure and book early to avoid disappointment … you know we always sell out!

PS … there is no ‘secret’, its just a case or following the SYSTEM; the Multi-Let Cashflow System …….. and repeat, repeat, repeat ……