fracking house price falls report censored?

The Green Party claims the government has censored a report which suggests homes in close proximity to fracking sites may lose value.

The report – Shale Gas Rural Economy Impacts – was written in the spring and published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. However, substantial elements of the report referring to house prices have been removed from the version made available to the public.

Those parts of the report which were not removed included a reference to US experience, where homes close to fracking drilling sites lost up to 14 per cent of their value, and proved more difficult to sell.

The government recently said up to £100,000 of public funds would be allocated to communities affected by fracking – a small sum, possibly, in comparison to house price falls.

A Lancashire pressure group against fracking in that county claims that an estate agent earlier this year urged sellers to accept offers and move out as quickly as possible before more became known about fracking.

The Green Party has described the so-called ‘censorship’ of the report “almost comical.”

Back in April of last year Estate Agent Today reported that the Legal and General Surveying Service claimed fracking could have an impact on the long term desirability of an area, and consequently on house prices.