Gallery February 2016

It's Where the Experts Meet the Experts and YOU Can Meet them TOO!

Mark I’Anson

“Vendor Conversion Intensive”


7 Reason YOU need to be there!

  • Understand how to effectively “Joint Venture with Time” and turn a toxic asset into a healthy investment
  • Uncovering problems that motivated sellers have – secrets revealed
  • Understand the specific types of vendors that are ideal for different types of deals
  • How to build rapport through telephone calls, and develop trust before you even meet the vendor
  • Find out how to explain creative strategies to the vendor effectively
  • Putting it together – to benefit everyone – win/win
  • Learn exactly how to structure the meeting


Where and Why?

  • Holiday Inn – Maidenhead , SL6 2RA
  • Starts 6:45pm
  • Meet up to 200 property people in one place
  • The #1 Property Networking event in the UK since 2007

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