government must ‘wean the market off’ Help To Buy

The firm’s Group Land & Planning Director Peter Andrew says HTB has led to a “measureable improvement” in the company’s order books and “has led to a UK-wide improvement in confidence, in housing and beyond.”

But he insists that “we need to be weaned off it in a sensible way with lenders picking up the momentum instead”.

The firm has been strident in its defence of Help To Buy but equally outspoken in its belief the scheme should not be extended.

Chief Executive Pete Redfern says the scheme has assisted the firm begin 2014 with a £1.2 billion pipeline of new orders — up 27 per cent year on year — after a seven per cent increase in sales last year.

Help to Buy is due to wind up at the end of 2016. The Bank of England opposes any extension although Chancellor George Osborne has yet to rule one out.