Guilt, Procrastination & Ben & Jerry's – Johnnie Cass

If you eat a tub of Ben & Jerry's tonight, other than a minor guilty pleasure, no big drama.

But if you eat a tub of Ben & Jerry's Everyday for the rest of your life…

“Belly's gonna getchta.”

If you invest just one pound a day every day by the time you retire, you'll have over 2 Million pounds
to play with.

So what does this have to do with Guilt & Procrastination?

Well small, incremental changes and actions, done consistently over time compound to massive 

You know that. So why do so many people set such big, never-even-got-close-before new year goals and resolutions…

Only to feel so overwhelmed and demotivated a week later when the old bad habits start to creep 
back in?

The GREAT news is you do NOT have to make radical changes and cold turkey all your bad habits in
one new year go…

Just make sure that 30-60 minutes EVERY DAY are spent fully 80/20 focused.

Just 4% of your day IN THE ZONE will give you 60-80% of your results, and you can spend 
the other 1,380 minutes GUILT & procrastination free

Do yourself the justice you deserve & make this unusually small yet more effective 

And we're with you all the way my friend.