How Do You Deal with 'Stress'? – Johnnie Cass


Stress is imaginary.

Of course, in the moment, it seems very real,


Like if you are late for a deadline, or if you

don't have enough money to pay the bills or do

the things you want to do, or if you feel someone

you love may be cheating on you?

And of course all the mini situations every day

that build up stress: impatience, someone not

doing what you want them to do, the kids are

driving you mad, it's raining, etc.

Without getting scientific, stress is caused by

one of 2 emotions: fear and guilt.

And neither are real.

And neither exists in the current moment.

Let me explain:

Most people tend to experience stress through

their personal filters.

Have you ever known anyone who got so stressed

about such an insignificant thing? Maybe you have

yourself, and the reality actually ended up


Have you also ever known anyone to not take a

serious situation seriously? Perhaps with money,

or in your relationship?

You see, people are projecting themselves on to

the event and creating a personal experience. And

here's the sad thing:

Most people exaggerate stress, fear, worry and

guilt so much, that the pleasures of life that

are staring them in the face pass them by.

They exaggerate or minimize the daily pains [and

joys] of life and therefore experience anxiety,

guilt, fear and stress…

And this leads to the feeling that no one wants:

that things are spiraling out of control.

So if fear and guilt are filtered perceptions,

what are they?

Fear is the [often mis-] assumption that in the

future [ie. Not now] you are going to experience

pain, loss, lack of control or a negative


An experience that outweighs the potential


Hopefully you see where I'm going with this…

Guilt is the [often mis-] assumption that in the

past you caused pain, loss, lack of control or a

negative experience.


Every event in life has positive and negative

aspects and implications

Everything. Think about it.

The sun feels great but too much and you get

Cancer or droughts.

Rain is a pain and it's cold and wet but it feeds

the world.

Having a lack of money hurts but it teaches you

to be resourceful and gives you the desperation

you probably need to make life happen!

The Truth hurts sometimes but it often serves us

well, doesn't it?

So stress, fear and guilt are simply

mis-assumptions that everything about any

situation is negative.

But in reality that is impossible.

In stressful situations we are only looking at

half the emotional equation, not the

[sometimes hidden] positives.

Everything comes in pairs. Known as 'duality' or

'polarity' if you want to study more on this.

Black and white, good and bad, negatives and

positives, happy and sad, pain and pleasure all

come in pairs.

So how do you manage and master this to create a

better life for yourself?

In any [temporary] moment of stress you're not

present to the current moment.

You're not clear. You're not present. You're not

grateful for all the great things in your life

[and hey, we all do it, so no judgment here].

Since fear is a future imagination and guilt is a 

past memory, stress occurs when you're distracted 

from the NOW: from being 'present,' and focusing 

on this moment.

So here's how to reduce or overcome this imagined

stress. Focus on what my friend Neil Asher calls

'the 4 cardinal pillars' of a stress free life:

Presence [being in the moment of now]

Certainty [without doubt]

Gratitude [a focus on all the great things around

you in every moment]

Love [needs no explanation]

These are your stress-busting allies, because

when you experience these in any moment it is

IMPOSSIBLE to experience stress.

Being aware is half the battle to overcoming it,

so notice yourself noticing stress and focus on

one of the 4 emotions above, and most importantly

focus on them being in the moment of now.

Thanks to Eckhart Tolle [Power of Now – a must

read] and Neil Asher [friend, prolific marketer

and blog ranter extraordinaire] for the reminder.

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I hope you enjoyed the mini-series, I have

something special in store for you coming up, so

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Live Your Life by Design, my friend

Johnnie Cass