How Far Will You Jump

Way back in 2006 I had to make a jump a leap of faith. I had a nice secure job. I had been there over 11 years. Just 30 more years and I would have my nice secure gold plated public sector pension.

But I had to jump.. Why .. Because I was existing to work not working to live. I had always been Mr Safe , Mr 9 to 5 or Mr Reliable. I wasn’t going any where. My feet were set in concrete and tied to the desk.

BUT that all changed in 2004 when I read Rich Dad , Poor Dad.. My mind flipped I knew there was more to life but I was so scared I didn’t know where to look. So I asked lord google.

I found people who were out there looking for a better life and better existence. People who wanted to know there was more.

Through networking and personal development. I found the courage to quit my safe and secure job. And transition in to contract work. And from there ease myself into self-employment.

Sylvia and I knew we wanted out own businesses but we didn’t want a traditional business we wanted something that generated passive or residual income. That’s why property, internet marketing or networking marketing where were we first looked.

What followed was a steep learning curve of immersing ourselves into our businesses. We had to learn lots along the way.

The Berkshire Property Meet has been a huge blessing. But when we started it we had never run and event before. We where running flat out to keep up with a run away train. We learnt some good hard lessons along the way. We had to hone our people skills and learn to switch on our BS detectors to max.

We did pick up some bumps, bruises along the way. Did we learn some lessons YES. But you ain’t ever going to get ahead without the downs. We have learn’t one thing that it always works out for the best.

It’s 2016 and we feel like we have just started to find out feet and are looking at the next phase of our lives. What will we be doing a decade from now? Watch this space!