Its a 5 year plan not a Get Rich Quick Plan

One of the things I had to learn early on was the property was not a get rich scheme. Despite the sales pitch from some in the business. We worked out we would rather take a little bit longer and build a property business on a solid foundation.

As Jim Rohn says “You can change you life in any five years” No matter your age 18 or 80. 5 years of consistent effort and focus on the right stuff will get you there. And it normally starts with getting the mindset right.

There are two type of people who approach this property business…

Those that come with a FIXED MINDSET … People who believe they know all they are ever going to know. That their education ended with school and their talent is limited. They spend lots of time say the word ‘can’t’ and then justifying why they cant. They believe talent is all you need and forget about the effort part.

GROWTH BELIEF … They are ready to learn. They know they can still expand the knowledge through education and dedication. Talent is just the beginning. They know talent with out hard work and application wont get you there. This creates a thirst for knowledge and a ‘can do’ attitude.

In order to attract ‘success’ we have to stay on the growth mindset path. We will attract wealth by who we are and who we become.