Jim Haliburton HMO Daddy February 2014


“20 Properties and 300K in Income…for NOTHING!”


5 Reasons Why You Should Be There


  • Value over £300k per year cashflow
  • How you can source these properties
  • How you can negotiate with owners
  • How to maximise your income
  • How to you can re-finance to cash out

Jim began investing in 1991 letting rooms to students doing most of the work himself and then left his job as a College Lecturer in July 2003 to buy investment property full time. NOW Jim owns 100 HMO’s / Multi-Lets with about 700 tenants, he also has 30 houses and flats as single-lets plus several development projects in progress.

Where and Why?

  • Holiday Inn – Maidenhead , SL6 2RA
  • Starts 6:45pm
  • Meet up to 200 property people in one place
  • The #1 Property Networking event in the UK since 2007