Juswant Top Networking Tips

In order to make the most of your networking at any event, not just the Berkshire Property Meet. It’s important that you do the following.

You are giving an evening to make the most of the property journey..

5 Things to do before:-

  1. Know why you are going. Have a clear objective
  2. Check time & location
  3. Bring business cards
  4. Take pen and paper to make notes
  5. Ask the hosts for an introduction. They are more likely to know who is in the room

Proper Planning Prevent Poor Performance. It’s up to you to make the most of this networking opportunity. The hosts have done all the hard work for you and got 200 people in the room.

During the Networking

One of the best ways of being a great networker is by being a fab listener. Ask some open questions to get the other person talking about their favorite subject themselves!

Use F.O.R.M to get them to open up and you can relax. You can learn so much just by asking questions.

F. Where are you FROM?

R. What’s your REASON for being here today?

O. What do you do (OCCUPATION) ?

M. Your message if you feel you can help them with something you have to offer. TELL THEM!

3 Things to do after:-

  1. Book for next month – do this as soon as you get home.
  2. Follow-up on connections
  3. Meet people for a coffee catch-up – you will learn so much about people on a 1-2-1

The networking doesn’t end there. Remember social media allows you to connect with others, groups and the hosts.