Landlords urged to tell Valuation Office about rents

Landlords are being encouraged to report the rents they are getting on their properties to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to help local authorities determine average market rents in their area.


The National Landlords Association says it is vital that local authorities know what market rents are, so they have accurate statistics on the state of the local private rented sector.


Market rents are also used to determine the amount of local housing allowance (LHA) which is paid to private tenants on benefits.


Cuts to LHA mean payments to tenants will be based on the 30th percentile of local rents, rather than the previous 50th percentile.


David Salusbury, chairman of the National Landlords Association, said: “It’s important that local authorities have an accurate picture of the rental market in their area to help them set their LHA payments, and they rely on voluntary reporting by landlords.


“With rents increasing because of higher demand on the private rented sector, this will help ensure tenants on benefits receive what they are entitled to.


“It’s very easy for landlords to report their rents, and they can be sure that the information is held confidentially by the Valuation Office Agency.”


More information can be found on the VOA website: