Let it Go – Let It Be

I remember listening to a great CD “Build Your Network Marketing Business” by Jim Rohn and hearing the phrase “Discipline your disappointments”

It took a little while to sink in bu the longer we are in business and also it applies to life. If we hang on to stuff that goes wrong and dwell on it we waste alot of energy on stuff we can change.

For example if you get cut-up in traffic on the way home. The other driver is oblivious to what happened and wont event think about it. We get angry and gesture at them and we can carry that anger around to hours , minutes or seconds. The quicker we let it go the quicker we put of energy and focus in to doing stuff we want to do.

Occasionally something happens that I have no control over and it pisses me off. I will have a rant, a shout or a use a few choice words and let it out of my system But after that is there any point in hanging on to it.

A vendor, tenant, builder, business partner estate agent or some other property person lets you down. Now you can spend hours on this and focus all your energy on something you can change. Now I am not suggesting becoming a door mat. Let people walk all over you.

Wasting energy and focus on something will only mean you miss out on the next opportunity right in front of you. Don’t carry forward what happened. Learn from it and make a note NOT to allow it to happen again. What did you do to create that situation. What could you have asked, said or done better?

The quicker we let go of our disappointments the quicker we can move on to see and find the great people and property deals out there.