Lord Sugar – 'Success? Its down to you all the way'



For many entrepreneurs he is the ultimate inspiration. Well known for his straight talking practical approach to business..
Also known as Baron Sugar of Clapton he could be a character out of a child's storybook. 
There is certainly a fairy tale quality to the former Alan now Lord Sugar's rags to riches story. 
He may be more frog than prince to many observers but the electronics-turned-property entrepreneur, television star and professional Mr Grumpy, certainly made it big through hard graft. 
Now Lord Alan Sugar is joining Rob and Mark on stage at the Property Super Conference to deliver a no orchestrated, acted or scripted interview..
It will be a no-punches-pulled battle plan for success to our privileged audience and VIP's…
He famously started out with just £100 in 1967, selling aerials out of the back of a van and the journey to success and his current £800m wealth is charted in minute detail in his recently-published 600-page autobiography 'What You See is What You Get' (which you will get a chance to buy a signed copy by the Lord himself, have a quick look at what the book will entail: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HNKLFXaS5Y)
Born in to a poor Jewish family in 1947, where his dad struggled to make a living on just £13 a week as a tailor, Sugar is now ranked 85th on the Sunday Times 2010 Rich List. 
His wheeler dealing today is carried out through his private company Amshold – the AMS bit stands for Alan Michael Sugar – which has interests in property trading, aircraft chartering and management services. He also has a share in computer firm Viglen. 
Money is not what drives him, says Sugar, 'Money is irrelevant,' he told one newspaper recently, adding 'Once you've made a million it doesn't matter how many you've got.' 
Sugar has plenty for himself so donates his BBC fee for presenting the ratings hit The Apprentice to Great Ormond Street Hospital .
While television and the catchphrase 'You're fired' made him a star in the noughties, his heyday was arguably during the 1980s Thatcher years. 
In that period he doubled profits each year at his infamous electronics firm Amstrad and by 1986 had created a company worth £1.2bn. 
Sugar's finances have not always been on an upward curve. Amshold saw profits plummet in 2008-09 from £71.1m to just £4.3m, although they revived the following year, doubling to £8.3m. 
Amstrad, the brand that made Sugar rich and famous, went on a rapid decline in the 1990s, losing millions when it hit technical and reliability problems with its products. Sugar finally sold the company to BSkyB for £125m in 2007, a tenth of its glory days' value. 
You will get to hear it from the Lord's Mouth, that 
Nevertheless, thanks largely to his recent success with property ventures, Sugar is still enjoying the perks of prosperity. 
Apart from his homes, he owns at least two private jets worth a total of £33.5m, according to the Daily Mail. And he has a fleet of expensive cars that include a Land Rover, Bentley, Ferrari and a Rolls Royce Phantom, which regularly features in The Apprentice. 
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