Mark I’Anson – Tips for growing your property business…

For growing your property business…
1. Get yourself known (in person) at the meets, around the industry by posting sensible (non argument) content on the forums.
2. Meet investors by following up chats over coffee.
3. Ask 6 dumb questions of their buying criteria.
4. Go to the local meet – every month, without fail – no excuse, it’s how we all do it. One meet a week will make your business grow…
5. Don’t rely on one exit.
6. Build your own ‘tribe’ that will follow what you do.
7. Post content, articles, emails, follow up properly.
8. Attend the monthly webinars for more tips.
9. Don’t hide behind your marketing – marketing doesn’t sell, you do.
10. Have a selling process and post it in here (Terms of Business).
11. 30 phone calls a day makes money – no excuses.
12. Write your business plan. And your plan B…
In other words, get professional – your prospect loves a professional.