Monday TIP from Ash Zuberi

Monday’s Top Tip: Anyone starting in a new strategy must do their own due diligence and legal research on that topic. If you pay X amount on a course and are happy about what you have been taught then that is a good result. The plan does not stop there though. You need to ask yourself some questions.

1.) Who else has done this and succeeded well apart from those the course providers have shown you.
2.) Can this be replicated anywhere in the UK?
3.) Is the legal side of the strategy covered from every angle?
4.) How many angles do you need to cover before you are satisfied you will not end up in trouble?
5.) Will the paper work you have been given really stand up in a court of law?
6.) Does the local authority accept what you are doing?
7.) Have you tested every aspect of the strategy yourself or just taken someones advise?
8.) How many what if’s have been answered positively?
9.) What will lenders say about what you are doing?
10.) What will happen to your insurance polices?

I hope these help you in your first steps into becoming a property investor and also guide you to be more careful with who you give your money to.