MPs want to deal with ROGUE Lanlords Now

A Labour MP says that every MP he knows “is desperate for help in dealing with rogue landlords”.

Jon Cruddas, who represents Dagenham, Essex, called for the Government to act, saying that the housing crisis is set to deepen, and that there should be less focus on home ownership and more on making renting a more attractive option.

He said in Inside Housing magazine: “I had hoped, though I suppose I didn’t really expect to find, that the Housing Strategy might have had more to say about regulation of the private rented sector. Hardly a day goes by without new revelations about exploitation in the sector. Every MP I know is desperate for help in dealing with rogue landlords.”

He said that in his own borough, just five years ago, 7% of the housing stock was privately rented. Today, the proportion is 15%.

He said: “Of course, many of the private landlords are responsible and try to maintain and manage their homes well. These work in co-operation with the local council, are members of the landlord forum and would be part of any landlord accreditation arrangements.

“But we also have rogue landlords who appear to treat their tenants with contempt and other small landlords who are basically unaware of their responsibilities.

“The Government trots out the usual ‘burdens on business’ fears of ‘over-regulation’ spin, but this cannot disguise the real suffering across the private rented market.”

He added: “For too long, governments of all persuasions have over-encouraged home ownership as being the best outcome for all.

“Renting is a sensible choice for many, and particularly so at different stages of life. Private renting can be an aid to mobility.

“However, for this to be an attractive choice, professional management and maintenance of the home has to be in place and something more than a six-month assured shorthold tenancy would be good.

“Despite all the recent initiatives, government silence on these matters speaks volumes.”

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