New awards scheme launched for London landlords

A new awards scheme for landlords has been announced by the UK Landlord Accreditation Partnership and the London Landlords Accreditation Scheme.

The inaugural conference and awards event is for London landlords. There are 10,000 members of the UK Landlords Accreditation Scheme in London, with a further 25,000 members of UK LAP throughout England and Wales.

At the ‘Future of Housing in the Private Rented Sector’ Awards Dinner, 11 awards will be given to landlords and agents who have excelled in their service to the private rented sector.

Two new accreditation schemes, The Green Letting Award Scheme, and The Tenant Accreditation Scheme, are also to be launched by the bodies at the same time, on March 1 in central London.


The Green Letting Award Scheme will train landlords and agents to be more energy and water usage conscious for the sustainability of their businesses, and to the benefit of their tenants and the environment.  

Training will be offered to both landlords and agents to enable them to differentiate themselves from their competitors by demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. 


The Tenant Accreditation Scheme will advise tenants on how to be responsible residents. The benefits of gaining accreditation will make tenants more knowledgeable as to their rights and responsibilities, and they will be more desirable to landlords as they will have shown their commitment to being ideal tenants.


Dave Princep, chair of both the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme and the UK Landlord Accreditation Partnership, said: “We are seeking nominations from the capital’s best accredited landlords and agents. The time is right to award professional landlords and agents and to encourage others to follow their excellent examples.”


The Residential Landlords Association is sponsoring the awards ceremony.

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