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Londons Property Hotpots …London’s booming housing market, it pays to be one step ahead. Yolande Barnes of estate agents Savills visits Kings Cross, Earls Court and Brixton to give her top tips on finding a bargain

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Great extent South London and plenty is a guy a nice guy inside. Now the professionalism bathing and fishing out bodies by — that in the last five isn’t it. So desperate steep prices in the capital name the party you identified the next hot spots in the you get on to bonds he’s director residents of three sets us Apple’s biggest had three top tips — Simply extend — at the end of a little — — South London identification with stability did not just in the 1980 dismantle it. And now with the things that. And is that the committee itself. Head to head into Giuliani’s playing — them then some. Everything done that excitement public sentiment and spending bills. And so attractions. I don’t different. Music scenes. — — scenes and moments. Picking the next area that will become justified often means looking — wet the rates — plus is — getting now. Captain and get for example might be areas that will be up and coming in the next decade. — — victory housing stuff has also may just to hit that he — testament into west — third period properties like to — for Haitian. Both take the big story and I know he still wasn’t saying very vintage feel this just half an hour from the 710 and in the middle of London. Big regeneration projects like kings cross but hoping to transform neglected areas. This was an area that was bombed out. She devalues fix a hole every London. As a fugitive drug dealing and prostitution it’s now been three — writes it’s. Which means that a new piece of Central London is actually being made — so we’ve actually street’s anxiety Ambien out linking central London’s areas of the north. We’ve posted — and — — — and columnist creativity central some alternate. I — at the end which creates — — and the life. And in the brings a sudden quality speeds — — Tibetans have elements of physical and regeneration beautiful. Houses. Fantastic — — his successful big bills but don’t — people people are very important part of the generation story. So this is what I think value — Buying a 2010 minutes very generations and — adds an extra 5% to its body GA competitive all the homes in the same area according to consultant CPI — from. What’s up for projects that — up and it — — — — of books and every go to the post Crystal Palace. And if you’re looking for the next may fest this a slice of private London being made by its allies in the post quotes. We’ve put — is the potential — on reading them loans it sends love that he sticks into the happened. So beds of — saves on one side. And — built. To violence coming together. Hey hi — It tells me on one side note — you have spent. And what this site has the potential to did it is that. And that is a plus from Kensington. They. It’s me he together will be of them Brian. — to create a new. Good — good things are essential. Lycos codes from strap to speak about a man hinges on it being the transport hub of the east. Properties and they’ve — lines and — Ralph. Wish things made in — to shampoo and happy wedge to 2019. Bubbles — set to gain in value but so what should be at the top with a checklist. When it comes to vacation vacation vacation. Big regeneration projects and fight and — scenes and speedy — opening sentence. Think New — noble and next — I hope people write the next nothing of any government apparatus.
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