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Simon Zutshi

20 January 2014



And in January 2014!


2014’s Biggest Fast-Start *Cash-Lump* Strategy


6 Reasons Why You Should Be There

  • Top Flip Tips – the biggest fast start cash lump strategy for the new boom market
  • The new, weird *Worm-Hole* market – and how to cash in first and fast
  • Use your first deal of 2014 to fund the rest of the year
  • Why & how now is the best & most unique investing landscape in 10 years
  • Keep 12 month motivation from a one month strategy
  • A Golden opportunity for you to grill these two property heavyweights with your questions – Rob Moore and Mark Homer have bought and sold over 350 investment properties, are multi-millionaire property investors, have written 4 best-selling property books and have built the UK’s largest property community and training


Where and Why?

  • Holiday Inn – Maidenhead , SL6 2RA
  • Starts 6:45pm
  • Meet up to 200 property people in one place
  • The #1 Property Networking event in the UK since 2007

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