Paul Shamplina & Kate Faulkner – When Property Investing Goes Wrong




Paul Shamplina & Kate Faulkner

“When Property Investing Goes Wrong”


Paul Shamplina, Founder, Landlord Action
·         Founder of Landlord Action, with over 20+ years experience in the legal sector
·         has previously worked as a legal clerk, private investigator, debt collector and certified bailiff.
·         Recognised industry expert, specialising in tenant eviction and debt recovery
·         A passionate advocate of landlord rights, he regularly appearing on national TV and radio commenting on landlord and tenant issues.
·         Has given 400 seminars to landlords and property professionals across the UK on avoiding tenant problems, dealing with criminals in your property, debt recovery for landlords, evicting problem tenants.
Kate Faulkner, Director, Designs on Property
·         A recognised leading, independent property expert
·         The consumer organisation Which? asked Kate to write a series of books on property including: Buy, Sell, Move House, Renting and Letting, Develop your Property and the Property Investment Handbook
·         She is regularly quoted in the national press and interviewed on TV and radio
·         Kate also consults to major property companies in the UK

Kate Faulkner and Paul Shamplina are two of the UK's top property experts who understand how to choose the best property companies for you to work with and what to do if you have problem with a company offering property services. 

How can we help YOU? 

Between Kate and Paul they have a vast experience of working with property companies. Kate tends to work with the 'best of the best' via consulting projects and Paul often works with 'the worst of the worst'! In other words trying to recoup monies from rogue property investment companies, rogue tenants or landlords. 

Kate and Paul can help you:-

1. Understand which property companies you SHOULD work with.

2. Give you a list of rogue and struggling property companies that you should BE AWARE of. 

3. Help you solve a property problem that you don't know who to turn to for help.

4. Turn a dispute into an amicable agreement. 

5. Ensure you have all the information that you need to carry out your property project successfully. 


About Kate

Kate spends most of her time working as a consultant with the best property companies in the industry – and their customers. This gives Kate an 'industrial strength' property experience, working with companies that have tens of thousands of landlords and tenants, sellers, buyers, self builders, renovators and people who are trying to find a new home when they retire. 

Kate has also personal carried out many property projects from small to large renovations, constantly works on market research projects and produces the UK's most comprehensive Property Market Update, studying over 40 property statistics on a monthly basis.

About Paul 

Paul deals with the general public, mostly when things go wrong in the property market. For example helping landlords when tenants are in arrears or when property investment companies have taken a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of pounds off people and not delivered.

Paul and Kate are passionate about ensuring those that do a good job in the industry get recognised and those that do a bad job are made to pay for their errors! 

Property Investment Companies

One of the biggest problems that both Kate and Paul are experiencing at the moment is people who want to invest in property but don't have the time. 

As a result people pay money to so called 'property sourcing companies' that claim they will find properties at 'below market value'. These companies then FAIL to deliver anything and don't return any fees paid. 


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