Rightmove & Zoopla not Optional

A London estate agent has taken the unusual step of explaining to clients why his firm would be “selling them short” if he did not continue to advertise properties on Zoopla and Rightmove, despite what he calls their horrifying fees.
The Clapham-based Xander Matthew agency – which handles sales and lettings in south west London – has explained on its website that using both of the existing major portals “is essential, especially in London, to ensure that your property, be it selling or letting, gets the massive coverage it needs to maximise the chance of finding a buyer/tenant.”

Kevin Oakes, who set up the agency three and a half years ago and is an active user of social media to promote his firm, writes on his site: “We source applicants from dozens of places but Rightmove and Zoopla, especially on sales, have a duopoly. Without your property being on those two websites you are almost certainly selling yourself short, and run the real risk of losing money.”

He says he applauds the attempt of OnTheMarket to try to save money for agents by forcing participants to drop one or the other of the existing high-priced portals. But he warns his clients that savings would be outweighed by the sharply reduced exposure.

“How is Mr Smith selling 123, High Street, London going to feel when you tell him his property isn’t going to be on Rightmove because you wanted to save a few quid? Bye bye customer I expect” writes Oakes.

He describes OnTheMarket as an idea created by “big agents in London” aiming to save themselves “tens of thousands of pounds annually, if not more.”

He concludes by asking vendors and landlords: “Is your agent using the big two portals? If not then maybe you need to call us. Look for your property online. Can’t find it? Neither can your buyer.”