Self-discipline to beat procastination

Self-discipline is about doing the necessary tasks no matter what, whether you feel like it or not. You have to brainwash yourself. You have to put your feelings aside, programme your mind and become an unstoppable machine.
The good news? It will become a little bit easier, the more you practice it. However, be prepared that it will be a constant battle. Do you want to know a little secret? By learning the skill of self-discipline it will become a catalyst for all other activities you need to do in order to stop procrastinating and become more productive.
Kop Kopmeyer wrote about 1000 success principles (4 books). At the end of the last book he wrote that the most important principle for success is self-discipline, without that none of the other principles will work.
Then it`s time to… see you tomorrow for the next installment.