Show Up as a ROCK Star in Business

If you treat you business as a hobby expect to a hobby business , with matching results and matching income.

If you turn up fully committed to success and treat your business as a calling rather than just a method of making money. You will see your results explode.

Being great at what you do takes times. To learn your craft and grow your skills. Be willing to put in the work , time , effort and education to become awesome. There are no over night successes if they are they come and go as fast as they arrived.

Many people think we appeared on the property networking scene in 2007 and became the biggest overnight. We has spent 18 months prior to our first networking meeting making friend and connections. We traveled after work to London, Birmingham, Milton Keynes and many other places to learn about property and networking.

When the Berkshire Property Meet became a thing we fully committed to to with passion and belief. We learn’t as we went along. This was all new to us and we made it up as we went along. We made mistakes and many of them. We learn’t from those mistakes and made sure not to repeat them. Every month brought a new challenge.

As we moved from the pub to the Holiday Inn Maidenhead and started to have speaker we wanted to do it properly and give respect to the speakers and attendees.

We listened to our peers and took on board what was said. Some advice we dismissed as being just plain stupid. Like the person who said property is a man’s world and Sylvia should be seen and not heard! So Sylvia presented the next three BPM’s whilst I sat quietly out of the way. That was our way of sticking ‘two fingers’ up to them.

Nearly nine years later hosting the Berkshire Property Meet gives us huge pleasure and allows us to feel like ‘rocks stars’ for an evening