Francis Dolley

Date: January 2014

Title: Mayhem Murder and Multi-Lets!

Francis is a really entertaining and approachable speaker – and he’ll be telling us all about his adventures, from when he first got involved in property investment, many years ago and had a baptism of fire to ore recently when he perfectly what was then a little known strategy.

The next two years would have tested most people to the limit, but as Francis says “I refer to this time as my ‘Wild West Period’! I was lucky to be blessed with the skin of a Rhino and allow most things to go over my head”. This can be a great attribute for any investor, especially when dealing directly with tenants. Francis explains how he got through those often hilarious and tragically difficult years.

Francis will share with us how although just two deals were bringing in almost £2k every month for many years, he did not even consider being a full time investor until 3 years ago when he had a major change of circumstances.

Also how some determination, patience and especially tenacity paid off in securing a deal last year that nets him a recurring £1,200 per month.

24 months ago Francis teamed up with business partner and daughter Emily and switched their focus to Multi-Lets. Within 6 crazy months they managed to increase their cash-flow by £5,000 net per month! Francis will give us an overview of how they did it – the Multi-Let Cashflow System!
Francis says – ‘We consider this strategy to be the ‘lottery winners approach’ to investing. It’s really low input to set up a property – sometimes as low as £1,000 – and low risk. It has enabled Emily to become financially independent in a very short time and now she totally leverages me!”
Francis says – “We have a brilliant tenants ‘Guide to Living’ that we would like to offer FREE to all BPM readers! It has been adopted by our local HMO officer and issued to all Multi-Let investors in the area. It can also be adapted to suit single let properties. It my gift to you and you can download it here;
More recently Francis and Emily have been helping others achieve similar success, via training days, which are very popular with landlords and investors, both novice and experienced, who can see the power or the system they are using. Their students have been achieving some truly remarkable results!
Their Multi-Let System has grown and has now been honed to perfection, and they are now doing a joint venture with one of the leading letting agents in the country, which will really propel this strategy into the mainstream!