Mark Homer

Date: January 2013

I had dreams of becoming an investment banker because it seemed like they earned the most money, had the most glamorous lifestyle and the most fun

I soon realised that the competition was intense and I would not even be considered with my grades [I enjoyed universitya bit too much]

I hit a wall because I had been working to this point for many years of my life

I was driving a £30 Vauxhall Nova and wasn’t happy

Following University my luck changed and I went on to work for a multinational company on a graduate scheme… I thought I would be an integral part of a big company with great prospects

As it turns out I was a glorified butcher earning average money with little future

I looked at the guys 20 years ahead of me and I didn’t like what I saw. They were wrinkled, tired, financially stretched and they never looked happy

I thought to myself; all that work [weekends as well], and this is where I will be heading in 20 years?

Who wants to be like that?

Not me. No Thank You! I wasn’t that happy. My zest, enjoyment and passion had been sapped

I joined a Property investment company thinking that I could change my life by becoming a business owner. I was made a director for impressive Property sales however the reality was that I was a glorified employee again

My boss certainly didn’t look happy or live the kind of life which I aspired to, even though he ‘read all of the books’ and ‘did not deal with negativity.’ I didn’t want to model him

I was genuinely down at this point; nothing seemed to be going right. I wasn’t sleeping for months on end because of the worry of work, and it began to affect my personal and working life

Yeah on the outside I had the job title, yeah I was investing, and yes I was making money. But I wasn’t happy

And that is what is most important for me. For all of us, I think: happiness

Then I met Rob. He joined the company I was at and we hit it off immediately He was [and still is] a qualified life coach

This is where my whole life changed. We got on so well and our skills seemed to dovetail. Whatever Rob was weak at I could help him with and vice versa

Over a period of months I learned how to develop every area of my life to become the best that I could be, because of 1 simple thing

I was tired of the way things were: I made the decision to change

I started to run faster and longer than I had ever before (I now go almost everyday and for 2 months I ran every single day). I ran a half marathon after 4 months of training and have lost a lot of weight to become fit and healthy

Even the girls started to notice me more [Rob – You wish Mark!]

I became so much better at building relationships with people and I started to feel great and love every day of my life

Now I sleep like a baby and have massive energy all day long [as long as I have been for my run]

And you know the best bit?

My Property investment ability rocketed!

Rob and I bought around 20 properties in 2006 with a relatively small amount of money and refined a Property buying system so much that we now get 15-20% discounts on existing (not new build) Property deals all day long

I am now happier than I have ever been in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a happy clappy faux positive personal development junkie. I have my moments, but I know that I am in control of my feelings, which has been a huge development in my life

I am lucky [Rob does not believe in luck but I think we have had our fair share] to be where I am and have the ability and knowledge to help you do the same

Mark has, in his opinion, found the very best investment model and the result was the conception of Progressive Property Ltd. Mark is Progressive’s dealmaker. He has a sixth sense about property and is Co-Author of “The 44 Most Closely Guarded Property Secrets”