Parmdeep Vadesha

Date: January 2007

Title: Berkshire Property Meets 1st Speaker

Parmdeep started investing in property in 2001, after graduating with a degree in Finance from the University of Manchester. Parmdeep applies the proven value investing methodology perfected by the worlds smartest investor, Warren Buffett, to property investing and enjoys sharing his methods with others, most recently sharing the stage with James Caan and Lord Alan Sugar. He created Tycoon System in 2003 to meet and work with other like minded value investors.


September: Parmdeep Vadesha became the first UK property investor to implement internet marketing strategies that find below market value investment properties on autopilot.


October: Parmdeep’s BMV websites begin to generate significant quantities of below market value property leads. He struggles to deal with all of them whilst holding down various side jobs. He devotes all of his spare time and weekends to learning about property investment and getting in touch with local property investors.


March: After a six month stint working nights for £5 an hour at walkers crisps, he decides to leave employment to pursue property investment full time.
August: The UK’s first manual for below market value property investing “Success! Through Property” launched. Spreads virally across property forums and around the world selling thousands of copies.

July: Thousands of deals now flowing through the various marketing channels. First employee joins the business.


October: The Tycoon team join the Young Enterprise charity as mentors to start giving back to local young entrepreneurs.


February: Tycoons Community forum launched. Quickly becomes the most popular property investors forum in the UK.
September: Property Marketing Millionaire system launched. Allows property investors to use the web marketing systems developed at Tycoon community for themselves. The system becomes a best seller in the industry.


February: Swamped with below market value property deals across the UK, the Tycoons launch a ready made deals service for successful business owners and professionals who want packaged deals. In time, over £20m of deals are traded successfully.
August: To facilitate sales of deals, a closed bridging service is launched allowing investors to purchase deals quickly and efficiently. Due to large volumes of deals the business becomes one of the top 3 closed bridging services in the UK.


March & September: The UK’s largest property investor conference, the Property investor Show invites Parmdeep Vadesha to speak about successful property investment. Over 2,000 investors come to hear Parmdeep speak each weekend. These speaking engagements continue for the next three years.


June: create, launch and run workshops UK wide for business owners and professionals who want discover the world of property investment. Over 15,000 attendees attend workshops or events hosted by TycoonSystem.
October: Parmdeep and the Tycoon Team took over 30 property investors on the ‘Negotiation Mastery’ Tycoon Adventure to Marrakech, Morocco.


March: Invited to speak to 1,000 business owners and entrepreneurs at the Property Superconference, sharing the speaking platform with James Caan, successful multimillionaire property investor and business owner.
July: Tycoon Adventures Road Trip from London to Monte Carlo. Over 25 property investors and property experts drove the 1000 mile roadtrip from London to Monte Carlo


March: Invited to speak to 800 business owners and entrepreneurs at the Property Superconference, sharing the speaking platform with Lord Alan Sugar, founder of Amstrad and millionaire property investor.
August: 3 more entrepreneurs join the TycoonSystem team, with the goal to help improve the TycoonSystem community and make it the #1 resource for property investors.
October: Parmdeep and the Tycoon Team take over 20 property investors to Italy on the Tycoon ‘Italiano’ Adventure, where they visited Rome, Florence and Pisa over the week.


June: Parmdeep Vadesha says farewell to the public eye and holds his last ever public speaking apperance and farewell party at the Underground Investors Summit. It was a sell out event – over 200 of the TycoonSystem’s top customers came to say farewell. Before leaving, Parmdeep gave away a porsche sportscar to one lucky attendee!
July: Launch the website with the goal of achieving our mission of educating our community to do 20,000 property deals by 20/20, we call this our 20/20 vision.

January: Launched Your Deals Detective ‘Beta’, the UK’s first ever attempt at bringing all the best below market value deals into one place. Your Deals Detective was opened to a select group of beta-testers who rigorously tested the service during the beta-period.
February: First offer accepted on a deal through Your Deals Detective found by our beta-tester group, many more reports of offers being accepted and deals going through over the coming weeks.