Paul Ribbons

Date: January 2013

Paul Ribbons, occasionally known for being ‘Mr Controversial’ has been in the property business for 27 years starting out back in 1986 as an estate agent. From there he became an acquisitions agent, investing in and developing property, then moving on to his current niche as a successful property trader for the last 17 years.

Throughout his extensive property career he has seen good times, bad times, the not so good times and some downright diabolical times from the boom years in the 1980’s where property prices rose by 33% in 24 weeks to interest rates at 15% and a stifling recession.
Paul believes that insight and foresight are far more important than hindsight and this comes from having studied and predicted many things in property from the crash in the 1990’s, the boom in the late ‘90’s, the crash in 2007 and the next big boom.

Author of ‘Hustle Your Way to Property Success’ Paul is also a skilled mentor with a psychological background as well as a truly unique understanding of people. Paul has used his extensive property experience along with his ability to assess human behavior to identify the challenging market conditions.
Paul’s mantra is ‘life is simple people complicate it, just as in property’.

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