Rob Moore

Date: January 2013

Rob is a triple best selling Property Author, public speaker, entrepreneur, multi-million pound Property Investor & businessman, and all by the age of 30. You’d think he’d have a big ego to boot, right? Well read on to judge for yourself…

Rob has helped over 100,000 people since 2006 towards achieving the same, including consulting for many established Multi-millionaires and keynoting at some of the UK’s most important events. But why should you care, and what does it mean to you?

‘While I was messing around with the FA these young property guys were making a fortune, it was a waste of my time and talent’ Lord Alan Sugar

Before all this, and in case you’re wondering, he had no silver spoon and started with credit card debts of over £30,000 in 2005 [braggable debt back then].

And one fateful day in 2005 completely changed everything, there was no turning back. More about that later as you read on.

So let’s rewind back before the wealth. In 2006 by the time Rob was 27, he’d finished University with a completely useless degree from barely a university, he’d been a Landlord in the dying Pub business, and then set up as an artist in a city that didn’t understand his ‘talent’ and couldn’t afford his work. In your posh area you’re probably somewhere between Gucci and Armani, in Rob’s it’s somewhere between Primark and stealing.

Life was drifting away into slow and painful desperation.

You could say Rob was a serial Entrepreneur, or more honestly a serial underachiever. Maybe you can relate to knowing you are destined to achieve so much more?

The debts were compounding fast. The credit card interest was swallowing up the income and more, there was never enough month at the end of the money.

Rob became bitter, envious of other successful people, and reclusive. In fact, not only had finding buyers for his art become as rare as a Da Vinci, but he hadn’t had sex in….

…a girl.

And then one fateful, life changing event happened in Dec 2005 that changed everything.

Rob decided to get a second job in his Dad’s pub to earn some more money. On one Sunday lunch, in a local pub packed with regular, friendly customers, carvery lunch was being served. Fresh roast and a family atmosphere.

Then, with no prior warning, his Dad just started to lose it. He got unnecessarily angry at the customers, started to shout, most of which was unrecognisable, and became irrational.

He managed to pull him out of the pub, onto the front garden. His Mum and Sister were beside themselves; all he wanted to do was to get him away from everyone.

They were outside the front of the pub and he was breathless, tense and angry. Some of the customers had come to see what the commotion was all about, and someone had phoned the police.

Within minutes, before Rob managed to calm him down, 2 policemen arrived, got out of the car, and one junior officer who couldn’t have been more than 19, pulled out this truncheon and smacked his Dad at the back of the knee, causing him to fall to the ground.

His Dad started squealing and freaking out, his Sister and Mum were going nuts and Rob just froze while they wrestled him to the ground, strapped him so he couldn’t move, threw him in the back of a secured van…

And that was the last time he was home for months.

One of his big regrets that day, that he still holds with him now, was being powerless to be able to help his Dad. Physically and financially he just couldn’t help him.

And in that moment, Rob swore to himself without an ounce of doubt that he would NEVER let that happen again. He would NEVER be so useless and powerless to be able to help his y family in times of need. NEVER again.

His Dad has what is now known as Bipolar (Manic Depression). It comes and goes, and they are better equipped as a family to deal with it.

Now fast forward a few years. His Mum & Dad live in a house he owns, rent free. He’s financially able to help them with whatever they want or need, as well as for the rest of my family and those close to him. His business partner and him donate £100,000′s to charity, and they’re able to be, do and have the things they’ve always dreamed of.

And here’s the thing: Some say he’s a successful entrepreneur and businessman: Rob say’s ‘I’m nothing special’. Fast cars, flying helicopters, hundreds of property investments, buying portfolios with little or no money and worldwide travel are all just the natural extensions of making that never again decision in 2005 and going and doing it.

And the system of business and investing, which he’s refined and developed and much of which he will share with you here or through my their businesses, are the secret ingredients, NOT a born gift, red brick education or silver spoon upbringing.

He did it. He’s still doing it and still learning. You can do it too my friend, Rob believe’s in You.

“To achieve the unachievable get comfortable being uncomfortable” – Rob Moore

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