Steve Bolton

Date: January 2013

0 qualifications, 5 companies, 150 franchise partners, 4 kids, 1,000+ talks, 3 books, 2 boats, 26 fishing rods, 1 R8 & 1 painful biz failure!

“Life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing at all!” Helen Keller

Welcome to my website.

I’m Steve Bolton, the Founder of Platinum Property Partners (the fastest growing premium franchise brand in UK history) and the President of Peace One Day Patrons (Peace Day (21 Sept) was observed by 280 million people globally in 2012 – 4% of the world’s population).

My passion is inspiring people like you to BE More DO More, HAVE More and GIVE More in life. I want to add as much value as I can to as many people as possible – more of which later.

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to be able to assist you, especially as I’m lucky to be here at all….

My life started in 1967. By 1969 – courtesy of my mother’s dubious taste in furniture – it was almost over.

I was just over one year old when she placed me gently on her new sofa – a 1970s monstrosity in garish leather -and then left the room. Being a little chap of discerning taste, I sought escape. I turned myself upside down and wiggled down the back of it; a tight squeeze, which rendered breathing an optional extra.

When my mother retrieved me I was blue and limp. She rushed into our normally quiet street where a policewoman was walking the beat (they did that back in the 1970s). The policewoman administered enthusiastic CPR and I spluttered back into existence. I continue to allege that there was no brain damage, but I remain with a fear of enclosed spaces and red and black leather sofas! I do however have a worrying penchant for any woman in uniform who isn’t a traffic warden 😉

When I started school, the only thing I learned was that I didn’t want to be there, although I did enjoy captaining the rugby and football teams. If only I could have passed exams as easily as I could pass a ball.

My mother was French – hence her dubious taste in sofas – so the French exam was a sure pass – or should have been. I whizzed through the paper and being a helpful chap, I then allowed my best friends to copy my answers – word for word.

When the two class dunces subsequently passed with flying colours somebody smelled a rat; a gargantuan one with my name on it. It spelt trouble, and mother has yet to forgive me.

All I can say about my maths exam is that I was hustled out of the room after an unfortunate incident with a school compass, the boy in front of me, and copious amounts of blood. No surprise then, that in 1982 I happily sprinted out of the school gates and into the Real World.

After a couple of dead end jobs I discovered that I had a natural flair for helping people. I was lucky enough to be offered an apprenticeship in an outdoor pursuits centre. I thrived on it, embracing my love of coaching, mentoring and being outdoors doing adventurous activities. Soon I was running the entire activity department – 500 children and adults weekly. At the tender age of 20 I was managing a team of 25 staff and having a great time.

The head hunters came knocking – my next job was to help set up an outdoor pursuits centre in Dorset. I put my heart and soul into it and helped to turn it into a respected, profitable business. It was perfect – if you didn’t mind low wages, lack of prospects, and disillusionment with the lack of freedom that comes from being an employee!

Then one book, a vision for a new future and a burning desire changed everything.

Whilst on holiday in Florida, I was handed a copy of Anthony Robbins’ book ‘Unlimited Power’. His writing inspired me, motivated me and completely changed my mindset.

I nearly didn’t read it – the tree hugging language, and photo of his cheesy grin and a huge forehead made me feel queasy – but a wise man once taught me to “separate the learning from the teacher”. Meaning, even if you can’t relate to or don’t really like the messenger.

As I turned the pages, one paragraph on money particularly resonated. “You deserve more” and “If you are willing to set goals, take risks and learn from your mistakes you can be successful”.

I took that message and started to run – back to the UK with a fire in my belly!

I contacted someone I knew, who’d built a high and low ropes course; plentiful now, but back in 1994, treetop and woodland adventure playgrounds were rarer than vegetarian snow tigers.

Within six months I was involved full time. While my partner built and sold the products, I was responsible for shouting from the rooftops – more commonly known as marketing. Within three years we were the European market leaders and after six, we had two centres of our own. Our pre tax net profits were over £500,000

So what did it take? Apart from endless rope and a fair bit of wood, just two young lads with no business experience and no qualifications. But add an unrealistic vision, total self-belief, enormous capacity for hard work, and a hunger to succeed into the mix, and we were flying high.

Then I lost it all. I was devastated. The tragic events of September 11th were upon us. To avoid bankruptcy, I had to sell our family home, close the business and move to a rented house.

My wife Lucy was 7 months pregnant at the time. Two months later, we introduced our baby boy to a house filled with nappies, unpacked crates and a very big whiff of uncertainty. But I learned so much, and I still refer to this time as ”the best worst experience of my life”.

The fire in my belly still burning; I set to work again. Within 6 months I was once again earning a decent six figure income from a new import and training business that I set up. I had no staff, outsourced everything, drop shipped a unique training product I found on the internet and was working about two days a week. I had a lot of spare time to spend with my family and new born son Charlie and my Stepson Nathan.

I also decided to invest in property to secure the financial future for me, my wife and children. Having a new child completely changes your perspective on life and it brings home the concept of true responsibility in a big way.

After two years of intensive and cutting edge research (I always try to find the best people in the world when I need to solve an important problem), I made my move. I focused on a new strategy – letting out houses to young working professionals and key workers. High quality, low-cost shared accommodation was the concept.

Just three years later I had bought and owned 20 properties – a portfolio value of £6 million. The market leading income I was generating meant that I was truly financially free. Income and pension sorted for me and my family for the rest of our lives! I could have stopped there but that would have been no fun at all…

I love work – it is not work to me – more of a hobby that makes money and helps other people is how I see it. So in 2007 I franchised my business model under the trading name “Platinum Property Partners” –

Today, PPP is one of the UK’s most highly regarded franchised brands, and has broken many franchising records. We have over 150 high net worth Franchise Partners, we operate in over 95 UK towns and cities, and own over £65 million of property, with a view over acquiring over £1 billion by the year 2025. Our vision predicts that we will be providing high quality low cost accommodation for over 25,000 tenants by 2025.

I know that the right message, at the right time, to the right people, can set them on a life changing course, because this is what happened to me. I’m constantly excited by this; I love seeing the lights ‘switch on’ for people of all ages and backgrounds. I get a huge a kick out of it. This is why I give speeches, write blogs and create exceptionally successful companies that allow me to magnify this work. I’ve also written two books on property with another book – Goals and Success (with Brian Tracy) due to be published soon.

Charity is important too. I’m delighted to be the President of the Patrons programme for Peace One Day, and through PPP we support many causes. (

I share my home in Bournemouth with my wife, four children and Yogi the dog. We take 3 months holiday together each year (and have done every year since 2004), leaving Yogi in charge of the house! We love to travel, experience new cultures and enjoy new challenges together.

My dexterity with a fishing rod is legendary (or so I like to think). When not on my quest to land the world’s biggest fish, I love diving, snowboarding and all watersports with family and friends. I also love to read books (usually 2 a week because I Speed-read) and fly helicopters (not at the same time) and I’m always seeking new ideas and concepts that will enable me to BE More DO More HAVE More, and GIVE More in life.

I hope my blog will assist you in your own quest to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Life is much too short and we shouldn’t waste a single moment. Take another look at the Helen Keller quotation above. It’s the one I live by every day.