Vincent Wong

Date: January 2013

Vincent Wong is an international speaker, the best-selling author of Step by Step Guide to Lease Options and a pioneer in sourcing property deals using technology and the power of the Internet. He has generated over 70,000 motivated seller leads since 2008, making him the leading property deal sourcer in the UK.

He founded Network Property Investments in 2006, a unique trading platform that has helped thousands of investors invest in property deals.

He is also known as one of the first investors in the UK to have used Lease Options, a method in which one does not require finance to invest in property, to help motivated sellers move on while making money for himself and investors.

In 2010, he successfully introduced lease options to Holland and Malaysia, allowing his students to do property deals without using any finance; something unprecedented in the real estate history in those countries.

Vincent began his career as a pharmacist working up to 16 hours a day. Despaired by not having the time nor energy to spend time with his family, he decided to further his education by obtaining an MBA from a top UK business school. Unfortunately his investment in his formal education had not materialised – he failed to get a job despite his advanced qualifications!

His involvement with property began when he made £40,000 profit in just one year of buying his first property in London back in 1999. Since then he has bought enough properties to give him enough passive income to enjoy his total freedom.

Now Vincent devotes his time to training people around the world how they can achieve the same.