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Sourcing 170 Deals worth £32m

Next Speaker – Susannah Cole


3 Things YOU will Learn


  • How to Source Discounted Property Deals
  • How to Raise Private Finance
  • How to Deliver Successful Buy to Sell Projects

    Why is this important for you?


    • In sourcing the discounted property deal, you make your money when you buy. Your profit is locked in upon purchase
    • By working with Private Investors, and Raising Private Finance, you secure the funds necessary for you to buy a Portfolio to give you Financial Freedom
    • Property is made up of Time, Money and Skills, and most of us do not start off with enough money to buy the Portfolio to allow us to leave the J.O.B. and secure our financial freedom and future
    • You can make lumps sums of cash when running a successful Buy to Sell Strategy, and Susie will share with you her knowledge on this strategy, which is one of her favourites




    Where and Why?

    • Holiday Inn – Maidenhead , SL6 2RA
    • Starts 6:45pm
    • Meet up to 200 property people in one place
    • The #1 Property Networking event in the UK since 2007

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