Testimonial from Property Super Conference 2012

Morning Juswant & Sylvia
I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic presentation / talk at the PPSC weekend before last. The way you both engage with the audience & deliver your content in such an unassuming manner is awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can honestly say, it was the most informative & useful presentation of the whole weekend (and you were up against some pretty stiff competition!)
Especially liked your post networking guidelines, like following up the same day or next morning, rather than passively assume the other person has your details, give them yours and take the initiative in making contact & building rapport (I didn’t want my email to get lost in the dozens of others you would have received in the days after the PPSC so thought I’d avoid the rush n hold off until now:) Likewise, I’ve always subscribed to the ‘how can I help’ mind set & the magic of how things just seem to flow thereafter… what comes around, goes around.
Also love your short, snappy emails – the one last Thursday struck a particular chord as had just been out for a bike ride along the Thames (I live in Windsor) and got back to my pc positively buzzing to read your email ‘the sun is shining, the air is crisp and you’re on top form! Right?’ almost took a double take & had to look out the window to see if you were watching me! J
Enjoy the rest of the week, keep up the great inspirational work & I look forward to catching up at the BPM on Monday!
Kind regards
John Presto