The BIG Short

Credit and housing bubble collapse of the mid-2000s

Jim Haliburton

“To JV or Not to JV – That is the Question”

7 Reason YOU need to be there!

  • What is a Joint Venture
  • Keeping Partners Happy (a marriage made in heaven?)
  • Defining what YOU want and making yourself desirable.
  • Find out what they want (not necessarily what you might think!)
  • How to find a suitable partner
  • Examples of successful Joint Ventures Jim has done
  • Tips from bitter experience (planning ahead so you dont end up in divorce?)


Where and Why?

  • Holiday Inn – Maidenhead , SL6 2RA
  • Starts 6:45pm
  • Meet up to 200 property people in one place
  • The #1 Property Networking event in the UK since 2007

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