The Myth of disposable Income

Many year ago.. when I going home from my daily commute from Birmingham to Leamington Spa. I overheard a conversation that at the same time was hilarious but also troubling…

Two young ladies where chatting when I heard one of them say “I have £450 left on my credit card and only 10 days left to spend it” and her friend said “that doesn’t leave much time .. you have to use it up”

Now this was before I started my personal development journey but even a worker bee / drone like me could work out how stupid that statement was. I remember getting flyers from banks and credit card companies. Saying I was pre-approved to get a credit card no checks required. Also got even more stupid and idiotic flyers from a bank saying you have equity in your house why not release it to go on holiday or buy a guy.

All I have to say to those people in those institutions that come up with this RUBBISH and convince people to go into debt is W*NAKERS!

Instead of teaching people financial sense and that power of compounding. Or showing them how they can make their money work for them. They brainwash people in to keeping up with the some 1/2 wit on TV. Who will blow it all anyway and be broke in less than a decade.

There is no such thing a disposable income. Even the words make you think money is worthless so why hold on to it. So many messages we get today are about spend spend .. Yeah by people who make money by putting you into debt FOREVER.

We are a society of slaves with the illusion of freedom.

So much I have learnt over the last few years have told me to fight this brainwashing and say NO!