Time Flies When Having FUN (at Work , Rest & Play)

Let try a little experiment. It works better with a buddy!

Pick your favorite tune. Get your friend to time you. And they can ask you stop at anytime. Then ask you how long you have been singing that tune in your head.

Now you will think anything from 1 second to and eternity.

Your current mood will dictate how long you think are singing.

If you had FUN.. the time will have flown by. That’s why it seems like the good times fly by and the not so good times drag!

I know I have been sat in my office at the end of the day and stared at the clock .. wondering why each minute is taking an hour 🙁

Running our own property business has been a steep learning curve. We had to go from an employee mind set to one of entrepreneur. From pretty much knowing what going to happen to not knowing …

The the 9 – 5 job gave us structure and certainty. Where as now we create our own structure and the uncertainty makes it great.

I remember the first days , weeks and months of being self-employed. Sitting at my desk wondering what the heck am I supposed to be doing? I thought I had to be always working .. doing something anything. I was very busy getting no where fast.

Then i started to put order in my day.. create a structure. Stop for lunch.. ignore the phone.. stop in the evening. Challenge was it didn’t seem like work. Time flew by.

Find something you are passionate about you will never work another day in your life …