Top Tips For Networking Success in Business and Life


When at Networking events, there will be groups of people. Body language in groups will let you know if they
are an open group (standing in a position which allows you to enter their space and ask to join them). Or 
closed groups (standing square on with each other preventing new comers not to join them). If you wish to 
join a group, enter the space and ask them “May I join you?”. Introduce yourself, shake hands, smile and 
make eye contact with each member. The group will include you in the conversation. However, in 
circumstances where they don't / are rude, thank them and say “I see this is a private conversation. I will 
speak to you later”. Leave the group. Be courteous at all times. 
What is Networking?
Talking to people
Listening to people
Increasing circle
Making contacts
Business opportunities
Building relationships
Selling yourself and your business
Networking isn't selling
Three fundamentals in Networking
To 'Know' someone, the first impression is made in 3 seconds. This is your opportunity to SHINE
To 'Trust' someone, it takes a long time to build
What is SHINE?
I (Eye contact)
Enthuse (not overly)
Interested v Interesting
Interested means that you will learn more about the person you are speaking with and find opportunities 
from the conversation you are listening to by asking questions. 
Interesting means you are telling people about yourself (whilst it may make you interesting) does not open
opportunities from the conversation
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Networking Process
1. Invitation 
You are invited to an event. If you cannot make it, you will probably be struck off a list for future event for 
not showing up and not communicating you are not turning up. Be in contact with the event organisers 
and tell them you cannot make this event but request to remain on the list of future events and keep you 
2. Preparation & Planning (event, logistics, physical, emotional)
Things to consider for attended the event
  • Where is it?
  • How do I get there?
  • Is there a dress code?
  • Who is the host?
  • What time should I be there?
  • Tools I need to take (business cards etc)
  • Who are the delegates there?
  • Is there parking?
  • How long to get there?
  • Routes to get there?
  • What I am going to wear?
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Good sleep before attending
  • Eat before attending so stomach not rumbling at event
  • Logistics at home (who will look after kids, walk dog etc)
  • Set small goals (speak with 5 people)
(when going to events, get there early as ppl join you rather than you join groups)
Know what's happening at event incase you are asked and don't look stupid when asked and you don't know
Have a pocket for business cards in an pocket for business cards out. Don't have the situation where you 
are handing out your business card and pull out a mixture of other people's. It will look like you are collecting
cards and unprofessional.
3. People
When joining people by themselves or group, join at an angle. Less threatening than walking towards them
square on.
You are looking for a connection. Look for four things in common (how did you get here? What's your 
relationship with Host/Event/industry….? Weather?)
Wear name badge on right side on shoulder/chest area. Probably will give your right hand to shake so on 
display for other person to see
4. Rapport
Small talk = big business
Listen to 5 Live as gives current affair news which could be very useful for small talk, ie cricket, football etc
Don't talk about family unless been introduced into conversation by other party
Agree with someone about weather as disagreeing will cause upset, ie “it's cold today isn't it?”
“No I feel warm”. Other person will not be happy you disagree and therefore kill off conversation.
Ask open questions and not closed ones so that you open opportunities
What do you do?
How do you do it?
Format for replying what you do
What do you do?
Well you know when …. Well I help….
And as a result they….
Practical session. Use above to write what you do with….. 
Imagine you are speaking with someone and want to know about their company's future. To do this, ask 
questions about now or past. Asking questions about future may make them back off as too personal or 
not something they want to share. Feels awkward.
You spot NEEDS and OPPORTUNITIES to do business.
If you spot an opportunity don't pounce. Ask more questions & what you are doing on weekend. When 
leaving, bring out how we can help from something they said. Ask if worth arranging to have a chat about 
it and nod your head. Their body language should automatically follow with a nod. If they say yes then 
ask for a card. Don't give your card unless they ask.
When you receive the card, look at it at make some mention about it. Turn over and take out pen. Make 
appointment time and write on card.
When in private, make some notes on card about where you met, something important they said etc. 
Something to make that connection if you see each other again.
If neutral expression when asking to meet, give your card and ask for theirs. If there is something relevant 
later in their field then call them and invite etc. Show there is some interest in their one and gives you 
chance to speak for longer next time.
When making an appointment, don't make yourself sound easily available. Say something like
'I'm busy for next few days. How are you for next week?'
When you do call them as planned, your intention is 
Make the CALL to arrange a MEETING to go over the business
Remember things about what they said when you call them. It's about the importance of the person an 
not the business opportunity.
If call and there is no answer on a land line, try again later a few times. If still no answer, email something 
like: “Hi it's Juswant. Remember we spoke on… I tried calling you and it's obvious you are not available at the 
moment. I will try you again on ….”
Leave a max of 2 answer phone messages. If mobile then reduce calls as will looks like stalker. Maybe 
only two calls before email or texting them. 
If you get a “gatekeeper” (someone who answers their phone and you need their help to speak to the person,
ie wife), ask for help to put in contact if they are not available. Asking for their help will make them feel 
If you speak with the intended person on the phone then small talk to reconnect with them. Get aha 
moment. Set up meeting time
If they show no interest when you speak with them, say something like 'I appreciate your honesty with 
this. Do you mind if I ask you one question? There was an opportunity to discus some business when 
we last spoke and you mentioned…. Do you mind me asking since we last spoke, what's changed?'
This may give rise to a reason which can be worked out and created a new opportunity to do business