Top tips for student accommodation landlords UK

Get Broadband Fast
Students want fast broadband over and above anything else. 82% said solid access to the Internet is something they look for when selecting a property – up from 51% in 2013. With figures increasing at such a speed, landlords should anticipate broadband being a pre-requisite to any student rental agreement in the not very distant future.

Storage, storage, storage
Three quarters of students want sufficient storage – make sure you have provided amble cupboards and wardrobes in your properties.

Be Inclusive
71.9% of students rated inclusive bills as either an essential or important factor when choosing a property. Bills can cause stress and create arguments in a shared house, while landlords can sometimes be left with unpaid bills to deal with at the end of tenancies. Over one in ten students (11.4%) have been left to pay someone else’s bill. All Inclusive bills are an easy solution to avoid all these issues and are simple to set up and manage.

Have Social Space
58% of students deemed large communal areas an important factor in choosing a property. While we sometimes forgo the living space to squeeze in an extra bedroom, it’s worth noting that tenancies of four are in fact the most popular way to live for UK students today. Sacrificing the lounge could cost you tenants.

Get Online
There is no point advertising in the regional rag if students don’t read it. Students are online. Make sure you market your property on student friendly platforms. Over 80% of students use Facebook daily and 73% engage with YouTube either daily or weekly. Look at cost effective campaigns to reach students in the right places.